I have been going here for quite some time, and I am a big fan of Dr. Burke. Dr. Burke is very helpful, knowledgeable & cares about her patients needs. She also goes above & beyond to help out her patients wherever she can. Like the class she held so I would understand the basics of bone structure and diet. Also the class on breaking down and optimizing movement patterns. I am very happy with the progress I've made since coming to Dr. Burke. I have received exceptional treatment and recommendations on how to treat my back, spine and neck issues. The staff there is great and Melody is quite knowledgeable and super friendly, always very happy and pleasant to deal with. I can always count on a cheery voice on the other end of the line when she calls to remind me of my next appointment or when I call to change an appointment or have questions.

Allen B.

I had been looking for a chiropractor for some time. Dr Burke was highly recommend to me. Upon my first meeting with Dr Burke I was impressed with the time she had taken with me and her knowledge and explanation on her plane on what my chiropractic care would be. Not only do I have more movement in my neck, the pain is gone as well as the pain in my shoulder. I highly recommend Dr. Burke.

Lu Ann B.

Really glad I found Dr Burke, I have had back surgery and pain for over 20 years. Lucinda is not like a usual Chiropractor, at first I didn't think this small woman could help me but I gave her a shot and I am so glad I did. She takes extra time to get your back straightened out. Lots of Chiropractors spend 10 mins or 15 mins at the most but Dr. Burke will spend a half an hour or more working on you to get your spine straight. She used some different tools on my back that have really made a big difference. If you have back pain give her a try, she certainly made a big difference for me and has reduced my pain tremendously.

David A.

I love Dr Cindy. She has a gentle touch, and I always leave feeling better! I even trust get with my 8 yr old who does gymnastics! Try Dr Cindy once and you'll go back!

Cara E.

Oxford's best kept secret for chiropractic care. Used to see Dr. Burke for many years, but financial struggles caused me to stop getting regular chiropractic treatment. Went back today, and ahhhhhh.

Denise B.

Dr Burke is a true professional. She is knowledgeable and thorough. She listened to my concerns, asked questions & gave me a thorough adjustment. I always make an appointment when I'm in the area and I'm never disappointed with the results.

Marlene H.

I highly recommend Dr. Burke! She is very thorough, and spends quality time to make sure your needs are met.

Emily M.

Dr Burke is an excellent chiropractor. She is thorough and really takes her time. I had sciatica and she really helped alleviate the pain.

Sarah B.

Dr Burke is amazing! I went to see her after a horrible accident that left me in horrific pain and within the first visit I had relief! She kept me on a good regiment of visits and other nature remedies and I am happy to say thanks to her I am pain free! Best Chiropractor out there!!

Mandi G.

If you need chiropractic care, I highly recommend Dr. Burke.

Jens U.

Having been plagued with Migraines for over 20 years and extreme, non-stop neck pains for almost as long, I had almost resigned to the fact that I would have to suffer with these issues for the remainder of my life. After seeing Dr. Burke, I am a new man. I am nearly free of the migraines now and on my way to being rid of them for good. Neck pain is now a thing of the past. When Dr. Burke zeroes in on a goal for your well being, she will solve it and give you your life back. Thank you, Cindy! You are a treasure!

Philip Y.

Above and beyond my best expectation for treatment results.

Robert & Diana Z.

When I first came to Dr. Burke my lower back had a constant dull pain and my shoulder would occasionally sting. My lower back had been ongoing but the stinging pain was there when I decided it was time to get help. I didn’t seek out much help because I always thought my posture was the problem. I was treated very well by Dr. Burke and the office staff is always friendly. I could always do my daily activities, but now I feel like I can get up and do more without pain. I have also felt more relaxed and more motivated. I would recommend Dr. Burke since my pain relief was fantastic.


I had hurt my back getting ready for my son's graduation party. I contacted my orthopedic surgeon who prescribed oral steroids and muscle relaxers but even after the second round the steroids I didn't seem to be getting much better. At the recommendation of a friend, I contacted Dr. Burke's office. Melody was kind enough to rearrange Dr. Burke's schedule to fit me for two visits the same day and even an appointment the next day on a Saturday when the office wasn't open. After the third treatment I was able to muscle through my son's graduation party. When's the last time you had a doctor open their office when it was closed just to treat you?? It was a first for me!

Jan M.

I had lower back pain and stiffness for about a year that medication, heating pads and stretching could not alleviate. The staff is amazing!! They are very friendly and genuinely kind and caring. I like how kind and caring Dr. Burke is. I am now able to work out on a more regular basis without pain and stiffness. I sleep better, have a better mental health outlook and am overall happier. I feel great after seeing Dr. Burke. She really knows just what to do and how to help people.


I went to Dr. Burke for neck pain and frequent migraines that I have suffered from for over a year. I have been to other chiropractors, neurologist and taken over the counter meds where none of which seemed to have any lasting relief. Dr. Burke takes the time to explain the plan of care to treat for migraines and takes very good care of her patients. The staff is friendly and accommodating and I always feel comfortable and cared for. I am now able to complete normal day to day activities without stopping or resting!


I came to Dr. Burke with neck, back, and shoulder pain that I have had for two years. I also have Meniere's disease which causes a lot of dizziness. I went to a different chiropractor with very little relief. They never took enough time to truly evaluate my needs nor did they check on my progress. Dr. Burke has been very kind and always very helpful with great advice. Since coming to Dr. Burke I have had great relief for everything, where nothing else has helped my dizziness. I get better sleep, I have been able to cut back on medicine and I am much more flexible with activity. I am also much more relaxed, and I have little to no dizziness. I would like people to know how much I’ve improved and that it’s helped the Meniere’s disease.


I have had neck and lower back pain and stiffness constantly for 2-3 years. I tried massages, other chiropractors, Tylenol and Ibuprofen all of which masked the issue but never took care of it. When I went into Dr. Burke’s office, the staff treated me great. Dr. Burke adjusted me gently but firmly and it was not painful. I am now able to play more with the kids, move and work around the farm without major repercussions and sleep better. All I have to say is try chiropractic, it works!!


After visiting many chiropractors after my two whiplash car accidents, Dr. Burke is the only one that has been able to give me relief.

Robert H.

I came to Dr. Burke with severe pain in my right leg and I was unable to walk on it for about two weeks. I had used a massager and Biofreeze to help. The staff is friendly and treated me well. Dr. Burke is kind and helpful and I can now walk on both legs without a cane!


I have had severe pain in my neck for 2 years. I have visited many Chiropractors but nobody could fix it. Dr. Burke and her staff are amazing! I really felt comfortable in the office and the overall care was so comforting. I am now able to move my neck, have less headaches and my overall body performance has increased. I feel taller and more stable. I am much happier and more energetic! The service is the best in the area!!!

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